League City council votes on ordinance to ban undocumented immigrants

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Texas town votes on ordinance to ban undocumented immigrants

LEAGUE CITY, TX – The immigration crisis hits close to home, as the city council of League City gathered to vote on an ordinance proposed by council member Heidi Thiess (tees), intended to prevent the federal government from housing undocumented immigrants in League City.

No, you haven’t missed an update — the feds have expressed no plans to send anyone to League City.

But that’s not stopping fear from spreading.

Before council convened, citizens shared their opinions — and they were as divided as the rest of the country.

“We think our country should be welcoming and compassionate,” said local Dr. David Michael Smith. “We don’t think League City politicians should exploit racism and bigotry for partisan political gain.”

League City resident Adrian Jones, on the other hand, said, “If anybody comes here, they should have their papers and be a citizen here.”

After a lengthy debate, council members voted in favor of the ordinance.

So what does this mean? Not a lot. A League City ordinance is probably not going to trump federal law so this preemptive strike is likely to be much ado about nothing.

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