Say hello to the remote-controlled contraceptive implant!

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Say hello to the remote-controlled contraceptive implant!

HOUSTON, TX – Here’s some new technology that’s sure to get under your skin.

It’s called MicroCHIPS and it’s a remote-controlled computer microchip that’s implanted under the skin to dispense Levonorgestrel, a hormone used to prevent pregnancy. No more remembering to take the pill, once it’s turned on the chip is in charge.  If you decide to have children, no problem, you can press a wireless remote to turn it off.

One downside though, like any computer chip it can be hacked and remotely turned off. You wouldn’t know until the pregnancy test is positive.

It’s not exactly the makings of a Homeland plot but no doubt it would rock your world.

Funded by the Gates Foundation, the implant is tiny, 20 millimeters wide and 7 millimeters thick, it contains drug reservoirs that store enough for 16-years of birth control.

The implant is also capable of dispensing other drugs but for now birth control is the primary focus. So it looks like Hobby Lobby won’t have to pay for this either.

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