Andre Johnson reportedly has four teams ready to trade for him

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andreHOUSTON, TX – If you heard loud sobs around town today, that would be the collective mourning of Texans fans.

Word on the street is the Texans’ star wide receiver Andre Johnson is leaving for greener pastures.

Johnson reportedly has four teams interested in trading for him, and he hasn’t been shy about his desire to ditch the Texans.

It seems even Arian Foster’s desperate Instagram plea last month wasn’t enough to convince Johnson to stay.

So far the Texans haven’t expressed any willingness to trade Johnson, despite the fact that he’ll be out $30,000 every day he misses training camp.

There’s no doubt the franchise player’s been a star for the Bayou City, but the real question is — do the Texans really want to hold onto a player who doesn’t even want to be here?

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