Houston teen speaks out about sexual assault after photos went viral

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Houston teen speaks out about sexual assault after photos went viral

HOUSTON – An innocent hang-out at an acquaintance’s house turned into a nightmare for one Houston girl.

16-year-old Jada says she was drugged and then sexually assaulted while unconscious.

Now community leaders are demanding action from Houston police, seeking justice for Jada.

“Police have yet to arrest the young man here in this home and the other 19-year-old young man who was here participating in the rape of this young woman,” community activist Quanell X said in a press conference.

As if the alleged rape isn’t horrific enough, she’s being further victimized on social media.

Jada says the alleged attackers posted pictures and video of the assault.

Some Twitter users even created a special hashtag to post photos making fun of the victim — imitating Jada’s unconscious pose — another reminder that the internet can be a sick place.

“Knowing that that happened to me and for it to be all over the place, it really hurts,” Jada said.

But if you want to restore your faith in humanity a bit — and after a story like this, who doesn’t? People are now flooding the #jadapose hashtag with supportive tweets.

The message is clear – we have your back, Jada.

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