New study says women who eat an apple a day might have better sex

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New study says women who eat an apple a day might have better sex

ROME, ITALY – Now here’s a juicy story with some real sex a “peel”! A new study suggests woman who eat apples daily, might be better in the sack. Ironic, because the sweet fruit “also” comes in a sack. How do you like them apples?

The fruity find published in the “Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics” says scientists took 781 Italian woman, aged 18 to 43, and split them into two groups. Roughly half of them were asked to eat an apple a day. The others were told to stay away from the forbidden fruit.

At the end of 8 months, the woman were asked to fill out a steamy questionnaire regarding their sex life. The core group of women who munched on apples daily scored higher on the survey, suggesting the fruit eaters had better “lubrication and overall sexual function”. There’s nothing like a bushel of apples to make you happy!

One theory behind the this juicy find, just like chocolate and red wine, apples contain polyphenois and antioxidants which can increase blood flow to the genitalia. And everybody knows that a well-oiled machine, just works better! So ladies remember, an apple a day might keep the medical doctor away, but it also could make your “doctor of love” keep coming back for more.

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