Ohio man robs two boys, 5 and 9, at gunpoint

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CLEVELAND, OH – You can’t get much lower than this: Cops in Cleveland are looking for the crook who robbed a nine-year-old at gunpoint, making off with the kid’s mountain bike.

The nine-year-old and a five-year-old boy were riding their bikes in their yard Tuesday when they say they were approached by a man with a gun.

The suspect pushed the 5-year-old off his bike, pointed the gun at the 9-year-old, and rode off with the boy’s Schwinn bicycle.

The situation has neighbors feeling a little on edge.

“I have tons of nephews and nieces that come to this area, this park, so it’s actually — it’s scary,” said one local.

Cleveland police are on the case, so good luck to the perp. Robbing two little boys of a kids’ bike is not exactly going to bring him a lot of street cred in prison.

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