Girl Accidentally Sends Dad Naked Selfie, Live Tweets Aftermath

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It’s never a good idea to take a nudey selfie and sext it. Especially if it gets into the wrong hands, like your DAD’s!!!

Just ask Nyjah Cousar. She told the entire Twitterverse about her mortifying situation.

It started out innocently with her asking how to cancel a text message.

And let’s face it, we’ve all been there. But then she explained why she needed to cancel the message. Oh that’s right because she just sent a nude to her dad!! Can’t say we’ve all been there.

Then it all goes downhill from there as she gives a play-by-play of the aftermath, live tweeting.

Starting with the response from her dad after he got the picture. Tweeting that her dad wouldn’t stop calling her and she’s “so over this!” Well, your daddy sure isn’t honey.

She tweeted out that she’d never send a “nude again!” Well at least she learned her lesson. But she didn’t learn that not only should she keep her body parts, private, she should keep her family drama private as well.

She unfolded her family drama with all of Twittersphere, sending out Instagram videos of the confrontation with her dad.

At one point he says she’s supposed to be at school “taking care of business!” Oh she was taking care of business alright. Just not the right kind.

After doing a little research for the future, you can stop a text message from sending by quickly putting your phone on Airplane Mode and then erasing the text message.

Or as she tweeted:

“I shoulda send the nude on Snapchat”.

Or how about this, don’t send them period! And if you’re going to send them don’t document the aftermath online!

You are so dumb honey! But she may have us all fooled. Since the naked escapade she’s gained a few thousand followers on Twitter and Instagram. Watch, next she’ll have a reality show.

And that’s today’s helping of The Online Dish with Maggie.


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