Utah man accused of having sex with family’s dog

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melvin-pace-mug-shot-e1405105355166AMERICAN FORK, UTAH (FOX13) – A 65-year-old man is facing felony charges after police arrested him for allegedly engaging in sexual activity with a family’s dog.

American Fork Police Lt. Sam Liddiard said Melvin Pace is accused of going into a family’s yard, where they have a dog run, and performing sexual acts with the family’s dog.

The police report states Pace was allegedly involved in bestiality with the male Kangal breed on five different occasions.

“He has priors with the same situation with the same dog,” Lt. Liddiard said. “These incidents date back to December of 2013.”

Lt. Liddiard said Pace was arrested and charged in Dec. 2013, May 2014 and June 2014; he has three lewdness convictions.

The family found out this was happening because they have trail cameras set up in the yard.

They noticed the dog was getting out and couldn’t figure out how so they set up the cameras.

The footage showed Pace was not closing the dog run when he left.

Back in Dec. 2013 he was told to stay off the family’s property.

According to the report, authorities ordered Pace to get a psycho-sexual evaluation which was scheduled for the end of July.

He also receiving court-ordered treatment.

“Part of the lewdness charges were because of where the home is located,” St. Liddiard said. “It is close to a business, the frontage road and Frontrunner. When the individual comes on the property, he does it at night, and when vehicles are leaving, the business, the headlights shine on him. He is in the open and people can see what he is doing.”

Pace has prior charges and convictions for these offenses so now he is facing a felony.

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