Children take car for joyride…again

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CaptureWASHINGTON COUNTY, WI – In Washington County, Wisconsin you can still see the tire tracks from a pretty insane joy ride and dash;the driver? Nine years-old. His passenger? Four years-old.

Neighbors in this area are pretty angry after they spotted the speed racer in his stepfather’s car, driving fast while going East in a Westbound lane.

“I can`t believe he can even reach the pedals or see over the dash,” a neighbor said. “If this continues, who knows what`s going to happen?”

And get this: this isn`t the first time this has happened. Just last month, cops were called after the same kids took a car from a boat dealership’s parking lot. The nine year-old said they were headed to grandma’s house.

Yikes. Maybe it`s time to buy these kids some toy cars.