Illegal shipment of giant snails seized at LAX

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Illegal shipment of giant snails seized at LAX

LOS ANGELES, CA – Sometimes Customs at the airport can go at a snail’s pace.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection intercepted an interesting cargo in Los Angeles. Someone tried to bring 67 live snails into the United States from Nigeria. Poor little guys.

The paperwork indicated that the snails were for human consumption, but entomologists say they`re actually giant African snails, one of the world`s largest land snails. They’ve been known to eat anything from fruits and vegetables to paint and stucco off houses, and can also carry dangerous parasites.

In other words, don`t mess with them. Border control agreed, confiscating them and sending the slimy guys to the USDA. They probably wouldn’t have made good escargot, anyways.

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