JCPenney debuts ‘real people’-inspired mannequins

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JCPenney debuts ‘real people’-inspired mannequins

NEW YORK, NY – We may not all live like ‘Barbie girls’ but life in plastic’s about to get a whole lot more fantastic for those of us who don’t have that Barbie shape. JC Penny’s standing behind their “Fit Commitment” to ensure they represent all their customers, no matter what shape, size, color, or style they happen to rock.

Which is how five of JCP’s mannequins, in their Manhattan store front, came to life. Real folks with different body types were the inspiration behind the mannequins that made their debut this week. A plus-sized mom, a man with dwarfism, a nearly seven foot tall basketball player, a woman in a wheel chair and a former Army Paratrooper who lost parts of both legs in Afghanistan were chosen. Everything that shapes their lives helped to shape the mannequins, with some help from Fusion Specialties, Inc. who actually made the mannequins a reality.

Thank goodness someone recognizes we don’t live in a one-size fits all world, because it’s our differences that make us beautiful.

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