Los Angeles in middle of worst drought on record

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Los Angeles in middle of worst drought on record

LOS ANGELES, CA – Texans know a thing or two about drought. You could almost say it’s the unofficial state weather condition.

It’s getting to be so dry up in Witchita Falls that the folks there may soon be drinking their own toilet water. Not from the source, of course. The city plans to run it through its treatment plant first.

Los Angeles residents have their own drought problems.

Angelinos are in the middle of the worst drought on record, or at least since 1877 when record-keeping started.

But they’re not alone. As of last month, 80 percent of California was under “extreme” to “exceptional” drought conditions.

While Californians figure out how to collect water, venture capitalist Tim Draper says he’s collected enough signatures to let voters decide whether to divide California into six states.

“Social media and rating systems allow us to easily determine how each state can best serve its people.”

The states would be called North California, West California, South California, and Central California, Jefferson, and Silicon Valley.

Of course, if the drought continues, they may have to have a place called Dry Angeles.

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