Texas hotel may be used as housing for immigrant children

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Weslaco hotel may become temporary housing for immigrant children

WESLACO, TX – Baptist Child and Family Services is said to be ready to ink a multi-million dollar deal, using Uncle Sam’s money, to purchase the Palm Aire Hotel in Weslco and use it as temporary housing for immigrant kids from Central America.

If it goes through, the kids fleeing crime and poverty will end up with swimming pools and tennis courts. Bienvenidos, chicos!

Dateline: Ocala, Florida

Cong. Rich Nugent forgot to be *warm and fuzzy*when he called the immigrant kids criminals. The Florida Republican told an Ocala radio station the kids come from gang-infested countries.

Hey, at least he didn’t call them “illegals.”

Dateline: Central America

This is “La Bestia”, The Beast, the name given to the death train that brings thousands of immigrants to South Texas.

The Daily Beast reports “La Bestia” is also the name of a song commissioned by Uncle Sam to be played on Central American radio stations, warning would-be immigrants of the railroad ties to danger.

Dateline: The Vatican

Pope Francis wants American lawmakers to lighten up and provide protection for all of those kids flooding into South Texas.

In a letter to a Catholic conference in Mexico City, the pope said these immigrants needs to be greeted with open hearts and not with racism and fear.

This is the same pope who refused last month to meet with 50 immigrant families seeking asylum in The Vatican.

Maybe he forgot the old saying: charity begins at home.

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