Diesel fumes in Galena Park increasing cancer risk

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Diesel fumes in Galena Park increasing cancer risk

GALENA PARK, TX – Galena Park residents are not breathing any easier after the latest report from Air Alliance Houston.

The environmental group tested for cancer-causing ‘elemental carbon’ in the air around the community and alongside Clinton Road. It’s along that roadway that  day after day, diesel trucks leave behind their toxic fumes while traveling to and from the Port of Houston.

The results came back completely unacceptable for Galena Park residents. Cancer risk due to diesel pollution there may be elevated as high as 1 in 10,000. What`s an acceptable risk? 1 in 1 million.

The report suggests banning older, dirty trucks and diverting trucks from Galena Park roads. Another suggestion would be to impose a no-idling ordinance, and to limit the time these huge trucks can huff and puff alongside the community.

The Port of Houston authority refused to comment on the noxious situation.

Whatever the solution, this city of over 10,000 people deserves a breath of fresh air.