Gilley’s is coming back to Pasadena

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Gilley’s is coming back to Pasadena

PASADENA, TX – If you’re a fan of fabled Gilley`s honky-tonk in Pasadena, then the news of it making a comeback to town is exciting for sure.
The younger crowd may not have a clue, but some may remember the movie “Urban Cowboy” which had scenes take place there, or they might even remember it`s founder, Mickey Gilley. The original Gilley`s was a local attraction, but had to close it`s doors in 1990.

But Mickey Gilley, himself,  has made a big announcement proclaiming,  “There is going to be another Gilley’s in Pasadena Texas. It`s coming soon. This is Mickey Gilley saying stay tuned for the latest.”

Great news,  for those who remember the original.