Social media help grieving father’s wish come true

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Social media help grieving father’s wish come true

COLUMBUS, OH – Thanks to social media and the kindness of strangers,  a grieving father’s wish has been granted. Nathan Steffel’s daughter, Sophia, was just six weeks old when she died from a liver tumor.

She lived her entire short life connected to tubes and contraptions. Then, when the end came, Nathan turned to the internet for help.

Since he was never been able to get a picture of Sophia without all the wires, he posted a  picture on Reddit asking for help to Photoshop the tubes out. He wanted to see his baby once, without the machinery.

The response was overwhelming. Love and support came pouring in from complete strangers. It’s stories like this shared online that reminds us how connected we can be through the internet, and the good that perfect strangers can provide.