Surveillance video shows store destroyed by tornado

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Surveillance video shows store destroyed by tornado

PILGER, NE – Tornadoes are some of the most powerful forces in the world, capable of leveling entire towns in minutes.

These monster storms have been seen  in action from afar, at least, but new surveillance video from a store in Nebraska is giving a rarely seen view. A view from inside the category E4-tornado.

A farmers’ co-op in Pilger, Nebraska, was pretty much leveled in the tornado last month, so workers were shocked to find security camera hard drives still intact.

Even more incredible, employees were actually in the store as it was destroyed, and they lived to tell the tale.

Meanwhile, outside the walls of the co-op, 200 mile per hour winds were destroying the town around them.

The employees emerged from a store reduced to rubble.

“I feel real lucky,” one employee said. “That’s why we made sure to save the vault that is at the office there. I think it saved our lives.”

One look at the destruction and there’s little  doubt about that.