When it comes to tech, Houston women are on top

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When it comes to tech, Houston women are on top

HOUSTON, TX  – There’s no doubt there’s plenty to be proud of in Houston. Now, it looks like the Bayou City has one more claim to fame that it can list: women in the tech sector. According to a new research project, Houston has one of the largest numbers of women in tech jobs. Some people say one of the reasons for this is the influence of  Houston’s  female mayor Annise Parker.

“I think Mayor Parker is an extremely strong example for women and young girls,” says Houston resident Ragan Rhodes, “and I think that is important growing up in Houston and seeing that and helping girls think that they can achieve and can strive for something like that.”

The survey shows 34% of Houston’s tech jobs are manned by women while the national average is only 29%.

Retired pilot Edna Ramos says, “Houston is so diverse and I think it attracts people from all walks of life and all over the world.”

It’s no secret that tech jobs are the ones leading the way in pay scale which leaves little doubt the bad-old-days are coming to an end. Iif you’re one of those guys who like his woman on top, then there’s nothing wrong with that.