Bloodiest day of Middle East fighting

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Gaza Strip –  It’s been the single bloodiest day of conflict in the Middle East as Israel continues to defend itself against Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. Thirteen Israeli soldiers and 65 militants have been killed and now Hamas is claiming they’re holding one Israeli soldier hostage.

The Israeli military said Hamas militants ordered residents not to evacuate and so ‘put them in the line of fire.’ Weighing in on the Middle East, former President Clinton said Hamas’ strategy is to force Israel to kill Palestinian civilians to counter them.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defends Israel’s military surge into Gaza saying “Hamas forced it on us.” He continued, “What makes it unacceptable is Hamas and Islamic Jihad. These people are the worst terrorists, genocidal terrorists, they call for the destruction of Israel and the killing of every Jew wherever they can find them.”

IN Gaza, more than 81,000 displaced people are seeking refuge in 61 shelters run by the United Nations.

Israeli military  is opening a field hospital on Israel`s side of the main gateway into Gaza, to treat wounded Palestinians.

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