Church in Humble helping in HIV global fight

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Church in Humble helping in HIV global fight

HUMBLE, TX –  At Saint Luke’s Missionary Baptist Church in Humble, the word of the day is unity as in the third annual “Day of Unity.” It’s an effort by the NAACP to bring awareness to HIV/AIDS by encouraging all to get tested and to know one’s status.

Church leaders say HIV has become an epidemic impacting the black community in increasingly disproportionate numbers.

Dr. Timothy Sloan, pastor at The Luke, says, “This year we’re not only helping to emphasize HIV/AIDS awareness,  but to, also, commission six missionaries who are going to Capetown, South Africa.”

It’s  estimated 5.6 million people are living with HIV and/or AIDS in the Republic of South Africa. The numbers only reflect reported cases. Openly discussing HIV and AIDS status is still taboo, so many cases go unreported.

Missionary leader Jotina Buck says, “We understand that it’s our responsibility to make sure that people are educated , that they are informed and they receive what they need in order to ensure they live a sustainable life.”

The missionaries have been preparing for the past eight months and hey will take off to South Africa on July 27 and will remain overseas for a couple of weeks.

Buck says, “I can say that our team is prepared. They are ready. we brought in some dynamic trainers from here in the local area”

Dr. Sloan says the need for responding to this issue has reached the level of urgency, one that’s become global.

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