Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz rude to fans; Britney Spears dines and ditches

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Jason Segal and Cameron Diaz rude to fans; Britney Spears dine and ditches

HOLLYWOOD, CA – On this edition of  Celebrity Crimes against Humanity, Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz. Their celebrity claim to fame? A-list Hollywood actors. Their celebrity crime against humanity? During a screening of their upcoming movie, the two were reportedly so rude to their fans that they didn’t sign any autographs or take pictures. Newsflash to Jason and Cameron, fans are the ones that got you there, so a little gratitude wouldn’t hurt.

Britney Spears! Her celebrity claim to fame? Queen of pop! Her celebrity crime against humanity? Britney and her boyfriend reportedly skipped out on their $30 bill at the Cheesecake Factory. Britney claims she thought her bodyguard paid.

Bonnie McKee. Her celebrity claim to fame? Singer/songwriter. Her celebrity crime against humanity? Bonnie’s actually worked with Britney, and during a recent interview, she took some jabs at Britney’s baby voice and lip syncing. Bonnie, when you’re in the business of writing songs for the big A-listers, it’s probably best to stay on the right note with them.

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