Governor Perry deploys Texas National Guard

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Governor Perry deploys Texas National Guard

AUSTIN, TX – Calling all Texans. Are you looking for adventure? The opportunity to serve? Are you ready to be all that you can be? If so, Govenor Perry want’s you for the Texas National Guard.

“I am using my executive authority as Governor of Texas and activating the National Guard,” the Governor told reporters at a press conference in Austin.

So, do you have what it takes to guard the border from increasing hordes of drug & gun toting gangs & cartels? Do you love to work with children on trains & foot to keep them from enrering the border? Do you dream of traveling to remote and exotic destinations like the Rio Grand valley? If so, then Texas is looking for a thousand good men to answer the call.

It’s an all-expenses-paid border securing extravaganza!

At 1,241 miles long, you`ll get nearly a mile and a half of border landscape all to yourself, ready for you to secure without the help of a gun, because shooting isn’t allowed. So climb aboard and get deployed to help show the rest of America how to secure and protect its borders.

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