Houston lawyer still smoking over fire codes

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Houston lawyer still smoking up over fire codes

HOUSTON, TX – A Houston civil rights lawyer is turning up the heat on the fire department. Randall Kallinen charged the city was not inspecting its own buildings. Now, he’s fired up about 1205 Dart Street, once home to HFD headquarters.

“When your buildings are dangerous, and do not meet the fire code, you too have to fix it,” said Kallinen.

The building is still used by the department, as the head of arson investigation, but Kallinen says the building itself could use an investigation.

Kallinen says Houston fire inspectors found dangerous code violations in 2011. The inspector wrote a citation, but Kallinen says it was dismissed, and none of the items were fixed. City fire officials are sticking to statements they made earlier regarding inspections of city buildings.

“The protocol for a city building is just like any other building,” said Senior Captain Ruy Lozano, “you find a violation, you’re going to leave a citation.”

So, as the complaints continue, the story remains the same.

“They still get treated the same, they have the same expectations, and they will be held accountable just like any other city building,” said Lozano, “we’ve always had that policy, and we will continue to have that policy.”

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