Houston man arrested for posing as veterinarian

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Houston man arrested for posing as veterinarian

HOUSTON, TX – Wilfredo Gutierrez, 26, has plead guilty, and is in the dog house for practicing veterinary medicine without a license.

It all started when police went to check on a dog that had a broken leg and neighbors complained the pooch wasn’t getting proper treatment.

“I asked the owner of the dog what the veterinarian had done for the dog, and he said, ‘well, he just put an ace bandage around the leg,'” said Senior Officer Suzanne Hollifield, of the HPD animal cruelty unit.

Investigators did some digging, and found that Gutierrez used business names such as DogSmart, Veterinary Services, Wilfredo Gutierrez Pet Services, and Mobile Vet Vaccinations to advertise veterinary services in pet owners’ homes.

Among the services, rabies and canine distemper vaccines, treating injuries and dispensing medications.

“He was dispensing drugs such as morphine and other antibiotics,” said Hollifield.

Now, they’re hoping pet owners who received treatment from the phony doc will come forward.

“The ones I have talked to, those dogs are still living, but they are very concerned what pills he had given their pets,” said Hollifield.

Gutierrez isn’t just some random dude pretending to be a doctor.

He worked as a vet tech and was allegedly stealing meds and supplies from his real job to support his side business.

Police say it wasn’t hard for Gutierrez to find clients, especially since he offered his services at a fraction of the cost of going to a vet.

“All the victims that I’ve talked to so far said that is the main reason they used him, because of the amount of money he was charging,” said Hollifield.

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