Millennials on track to have the lowest rates of marriage

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Millennials on track to have the lowest rates of marriage

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Millennials are on track to have the lowest rates of marriage, compared to any previous generation.

The Urban Institute suggests that more than 30% of millennial women will remain unmarried by age 40, nearly twice the share of generation X.

The idea of getting married seems to be less appealing these days.  On one hand, more couples choose to live together and even have children without walking down the aisle.  On the other hand, millennials supposedly want to invest in their careers first and only then start considering a happily ever after.  Seriously, it seems only gays still believe marriage is important.

But millennials are also saying “no way!” to nine to five jobs.  A recent Millennial Branding report found that 45% of interviewees choose workplace flexibility over pay.  In addition, 72% of college students dream about a job where they can make an impact.  OK, we get it!  You millennials are special and want to change the world.  At least there’s something you do say “I do” to.

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