Smart phone app sends help for people having heart attacks

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Smart phone app sends help for people having heart attacks

PORTLAND, OR – Seems there’s an app for just about any goofy thing you want to do. There’s even an app that helps you end relationships, the smart phone version of breaking hearts.

The folks at Pulsepoint say they have an app in case you break your heart, as in a heart attack.

The Pulsepoint Respond app is for people who have had CPR training and want to help in emergencies. A call to a participating 9-1-1 service activates the app and sends the location of the person needing help.

Scott Brawner is a member of a Portland, OR, area fire and rescue unit. He was working out at a gym when his app told him someone needed CPR in a nearby parking garage. The app gave him the location. In less than a minute, Brawner was on the scene and saved the man’s life.

That earned him an award, and the gratitude of Drew Basse, the man whose life he saved.

“It’s been a long ride from May 9th til now, and if it wasn’t for the PulsePoint application on Scott’s phone, I wouldn’t be here right now.”

Even if you don’t know CPR, the app has animation to show you how it’s done.

An app that’s a life-saver, in the truest sense of the word.

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