Blowing the lid off of Houston’s pothole problem

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Blowing the lid off of Houston’s pothole problem

HOUSTON, TX – This week we’re following up on some of the potholes around town that we’ve had on the segment. A “Where are They Now” of sorts.

Our latest pothole on Eldridge Parkway at Westheimer is still there holding up traffic at rush hour.

Hopefully this bad boy will get fixed soon. That area has a lot of potholes.

The pothole on Renwick has been fixed! This tire shredder was really bad, it’s nice to see it patched-up.

We wish we could same about the pothole on Mosley road.

There’s no dodging this one. Even the biggest of trucks feel the pain going over this pothole. Hopefully that will get a patch soon.

Okay now over to Driscol and West Main.

Well, who cares anymore! It’s been patched. No more smelly pothole here.

Now over to 8300 Bissonnet.

The pothole here is taking a bite out of every car coming down the road. This one is really bad, hopefully we’ll see it fixed soon.

Heading down to Pasadena the people on this street had been trying to get their street fixed for 15 years.

Well now they have a whole new street. Smooth as can be. Hard to believe it was once a whole pothole ridden street, but now there’s not one in sight. It’s great to see this street looking like new.

We’re going to keep blowing the cover off these potholes around town, so check back next week to see what pothole we have in store for you… it just might be the one that’s driving you nuts!