Bodies from MH-17 arrive in Netherlands

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Bodies from MH-17 arrive in Netherlands

EINDHOVEN, NETHERLANDS – The Ukrainian government says pro-Russian rebels shot down two Ukrainian SU-25, military jets over Donetsk. That’s approximately 24 miles east of where Malaysian flight-17 crashed.

U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor, Tony Blinken says, “that just only deepens what we know because it demonstrates yet again that the separatists are shooting down planes.”

Russia denies pulling the trigger.

All this as the investigation of Malaysian flight 17 continues.  Dutch families and friends welcome home their loved ones only to say ‘good-bye’ one last time.  The first group of bodies arrived in the Netherlands from the Ukraine.  Dutch king and queen made a royal presence to pay tribute to the victims of the crash.  In the wake of all the sadness, someone needs to be ‘rushin’ to find peace.