Public bus converted into mobile shower for homeless

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Public bus converted into mobile shower for homeless

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – If you can put meals on wheels, why not toilets and showers? ‘Lava Mae’ is helping clean up the streets of San Francisco.

‘Lava Mae’, a non-profit operation provides the homeless free showers on a bus…wherever it shows up.

“Lava Mae is not about ending homelessness.  What we are about is providing hygiene because we believe that hygiene brings dignity and dignity opens up opportunity,” said the founder, Doniece Sandoval.

Sandoval saw the opportunity when she asked the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency what they were going to do with the old city buses.

So, they donated one to help launch ‘Lava Mae’.

Google and private donors helped fund the $75,000 mobile make-over.

“We have skylights in here, we have digitally controlled shower…we have hot and cold…and we’re still on a bus,” one of the mechanics added.
Now that’s what you call ‘curb-side service.”