Strippers sue police for alleged misconduct

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Strippers sue police for alleged misconduct

SAN DIEGO, CA – They strip down for your entertainment, but does that mean they should be stripped of their rights?

Thirty strippers are suing the San Diego Police Department, claiming a group of Vice cops acted like a bunch of creeps during a recent work permit check.

“I just felt very violated, like my rights were taken away,” said Brittany Murphy, a dancer.

The strippers worked at Cheetahs Gentlemen’s Club and Club Expose in San Diego.

Clubs like Cheetah’s require a city permit, which gives police the right to make inspections at any time.

But this time, according to the lawsuit, the cops crossed the line.

“As I opened the door, three officers with bulletproof vests and guns on their hips come running past me,” said Rich Buonantony, Cheetah’s manager.

10 officers then herded the women into a back locker room, where they held the women against their will, and took nearly nude photos of them, including their entire bodies and any tattoos.

“Taking photos of me half naked, my sheer top they can clearly see everything because the flash is going,” said Murphy.

The club’s manager says he welcomes the routine checks, but says the cops treated the women like second-class citizens.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for emotional distress and pain.