Toronto SWAT team storms plane, arrests man

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TORONTO, CANADA – It’s been a helluva time for air travel. In just a few days, three airliners have crashed, killing hundreds of people.

It’s enough to make even the most veteran of travelers nervous.

So, you can imagine what passengers on board a Canadian flight bound for Panama must have felt when a SWAT team stormed the plane Friday afternoon.

They were in search for one particular passenger–a 25 year-old man named Ali Shahi.

The Sunwing Flight-772 had taken off from Pearson International on its way to Panama City when it turned around over West Virginia and headed back to Toronto.

A passenger who was sitting in front of Shahi says he started ranting about how expensive the cigarettes are in cCanada and how much he hated that country.

“And then he said, ‘I just want to bomb Canada,'” said passenger Battina Bathe.

The flight was then diverted, and police were waiting to board.

“It was pretty dramatic,” said passenger Phil Thompson, “they didn’t take any guff off anybody. Everybody had to keep their heads down and their hands up.”

Once police had Shahi in cuffs, passengers say he had a sudden change of heart, reportedly saying ‘sorry’ and that he loved Canada.

None of the passengers were hurt, and the flight to Panama was rescheduled for later that day.

Oh, and to make up for the madness, the airline offered the passengers free meals.

Yeah, like anyone had an appetite after that!

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