More Texans use green energy than any other state

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More Texans use green energy than any other state

HOUSTON, TX – You might not expect a red state like Texas to go green, but it turns out, residents of the Lone Star State are an environmentally conscious bunch.

According to a new report by Choose Energy, Texas consumers choose green energy plans more than any other state.

One out of three Texas customers are using renewable-sourced electricity.

“Texans love the state , we love the state which we live in and we’re going to do everything we can to do what’s right for the state and use less and emit less energy,” said William Clayton, vice president of customer care operations at Reliant.

So what is renewable-sourced electricity?

In short, it’s electricity that comes from naturally replenished sources, like sunlight or wind.

“Homeowners can go out and purchase green electricity for just a small premium and know that their energy that they use is emitting less bad into the environment,” Clayton said.

Good thing Texans are jumping on the energy-efficient bandwagon, because thanks to our hotter-than-Hades summers, we’re in the top five for energy consumption.

Now a green energy plan isn’t going to save you any cash — in fact, it’ll cost a household about 75 dollars more per year.

But it seems we Texans put no price on the satisfaction of saving the environment for generations to come.

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