Caught on Camera: Texas jailer fired for ‘leg sweep’ on prisoner

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DENTON, TX – Police officials in Denton, Texas, are admitting wrong doing and releasing jailhouse surveillance video that shows one of their jailers using an unauthorized leg sweep on prisoner, Jason Bishop.

The scene inside a Denton, Texas jail that ended with one jailer getting fired and a prisoner severely injured.

On July 19th, Jason Bishop was arrested on public intoxication charges and supposedly refused to cooperate during booking.  So on surveillance camera, you see the jailers grab him and take him into a separate jail cell.

This is when it gets a little sketchy.

Detention Officer, Darious Porter applies a leg sweep sending bishop falling flat on his face.

“My eyes were pretty much basically swole shut almost when I left the hospital,” says Bishop. Denton police are now trying to “stitch up” a bad rap, apologizing for the unathorized leg sweep.

“You know, we’ve already talked to him and told him, you know, we were in the wrong.”}

They didn’t just sweep the incident under the rug, the officer has also been fired. As for Bishop, he says he’s been arrested numerous times and this has never happened to him.

“I’ve never been treated like this, or, you know, come out with like, any kind of serious injuries like this.”