Are Texans players offered a bit of media coaching?

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Are the Texans players offered a bit of media coaching?

HOUSTON, TX — Arian Foster set a new standard at Texans’ training camp Wednesday when he delivered stock answers to every question directed at him. It was his first media session since last season.

It raises the question: is this the new mantra at Texans’ Training Camp?

Has new Head Coach Bill O’Brien followed the ways of his mentor, Patriots coach Bill Belichick, by putting a zipper on his player’s mouths?

In that light, the latest chapter in the training camp playbook apparently is communication.

Texans’ Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick said, “Communication. It’s just another exercise for us to come out and get on the same page.”

Texans’ Offensive Tackle Duane Brown said, “It’s all about communication and everyone being on the same page, no matter who is playing beside me.”

So perhaps O’Brien’s media coaching is the gospel and apparently, grown men need direction.

Those long days in the heat can wear on the mind.

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