Terminally Ill Teen Becomes Honorary UH Football Player

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HOUSTON, TX – He may be only 15, but he’s already signing his letter of intent at University of Houston.

Jacolby Rogers says, “I’m gonna be part of a big family, with a whole bunch of brothers who love me and care about me.”

Rogers was diagnosed with end state renal disease when he was just a year old. Six month’s after, he received a kidney transplant that his body rejected. He’s been on dialysis three days a week, year round ever since. His condition is chronic.

His mother, Wilores Johnson says, “With him having dialysis like he does, it takes him away from the things a normal 15 year old would do.”

Jacolby remains on the donor wait-list, but in the mean time, Team Impact, a Boston based charitable organization, paired up with the University of Houston’s Men’s Football team to make Jacolby an honorary member of the team.

Cougars Head Coach, Tony Levine says, “I think it’s a great example again, to 18, 19, 20 year olds, and 41 year olds that there’s a lot going on right now and we’re excited about Jacolby being a part of our family.”

Beating his disease will not be an easy task. But with his new teammates at his back, he’ll have one heck of a support system.

Football season can’t come soon enough for this newest member of the Coug’s.


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