Website outs names of petition signatures against Houston Equal Rights Ordinance

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HOUSTON, TX – Just when you thought the drama over the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance was over, it rears its head again.

Over 50,000 signatures were submitted in a petition seeking to repeal the ordinance, and now all of those names have been outted, available online, with their voter I.D. number, thanks to the website

Some Houstonians we talked to felt that if people were willing to sign the public document, they should be proud of their opinions. While others feared this was an invasion of privacy, and an attempt to intimidate people from participating in the process.

Noel Freeman, who is part of an independent review on whether or not some of the names on the petition were fraudulently added, says he`s been in contact with whoever put up the site.

Freeman says, “…what that website was trying to do, to publicize that information so that people’s whose names are on there that shouldn`t be could do something about it.”

Noel also says the website owners will be bringing it down after the results of the independent review are submitted.

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