Wild coyotes chase man and dog in California

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Wild coyotes chase man and dog in California

BURBANK, CA – There`s some weird stuff roaming the mean streets of Burbank, CA. It`s coyotes, the four-legged, furry kind that hunt in packs and kill at night.

But the sight of a half-dozen or more coyotes didn’t keep Nick Mendoza from walking his 130-pound dog, but it should have, because the other night, he ran into at least 15 coyotes looking to eat, and he and his dog must have seemed like an easy meal.

He says he got home just in time to put away his dog and come back with a shovel and some lemons.

Why lemons? Why not?

He says the pack finally left when he drove at them with the high-beams on.

Now he`s really upset and concerned, because yelling and tossing lemons don`t seem scare this pack of wily coyotes.

Maybe he should use something bigger, like a rock, `cause that always seems to work for the road runner.

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