Abandoned chemical plant causing foul odor in southeast Houston neighborhood

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SOUTHEAST HOUSTON, TX – The purpose of a waste disposal facility is to get rid of waste, not create it right?

This old waste facility on Griggs road hasn’t been operating since 2009, but a Southeast Houston neighborhood is still dealing with the mess left behind!

Waste and other potentially hazardous chemical materials, that should have been removed from the facility once it was shut down by Federal and State authorities, 5 years ago, has been seeping into the air. Rainfall over recent days caused the waste to leak out into the streets.

The odor is a lot like gasoline, and it’s discolored portions of the street.

To keep it from leaking more into the neighborhood, clean up crews have built up a dirt wall.

The city is advising residents in the community to stay away from standing water and not to leave the house if possible, until Monday when they ‘ll get into the plant for a better look at the situation.

One thing’s for sure, this old plant, truly is a waste of space.

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