Eggnog plant in New Jersey explodes injuring two

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Eggnog plant in New Jersey explodes injuring two

TOTOWA, NJ – For those who think eggnog only comes around once a year, get ready for this bomb shell! The sugary, dairy-based beverage is making a big splash in New Jersey, after a huge vat of the frothy stuff, egg-sploded in a food processing plant injuring two employees. We all know that spiked eggnog packs a punch, but rum had nothing to do with this headache!

Investigators are looking into why the tasty drink, blew-up the not so tasty sounding Pharmachem Laboratories in Totowa where it was being made. Fire Marshal Allen del Vecchio says, “There was a big vat that had this product in it. What we’re trying to determine is what ignited this product and caused the explosion”. A blast so massive, it was felt a mile away. Employees said they were working on a new nog recipe when the blast occurred. The entire rear of the building was blown out.

The two workers are lucky to have only received cuts and bruises in the initial blast, but might also be suffering from “egg on the face” if the explosion is deemed their fault.