Men who do more housework have more sex

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Men who do more housework have more sex

HOUSTON – Back in the day, standard operating procedure for most American families meant dad went to work, and mom stayed home to raise the kids, cook and clean.

Nowadays, women go to work, too.

The last thing they want is to come home to a filthy house and be expected to take care of it all by themselves.

But what if we told you guys you’d get more love between the sheets…by helping out your sweets?

New research from Cornell University finds that straight couples have more sex and better sex if the man is responsible for half of the household chores.

“I would definitely say that is very true,” said Garret Brown, “if you keep your woman with little stuff like that, she’ll appreciate you more, I think.”

“We’re always looked at like we need to do all the housework, but when a man pitches in to do the work,” said Nadiyah Jackson, “it’s such a turn on, and so sexy.”

“Housework for sex sounds good to me,” said Kevin Hoffman.

However, there are some ladies out there who prefer a more ‘traditional’ role.

“If he’s at home cleaning up like a woman, that means he’s not outside doing the business and what a man is supposed to be doing, which is working and bringing home the paper,” said Tifani Morgan.

Others aren’t giving extra nookie just for baking cookies.

“My husband loves to work around the house,” said Paula Turner, “he does the cooking, the cleaning, the mowing yard…there’s no extra.”

OK, but we can all agree that couples should tackle things as a team.

It just makes life easier.

Bottom line, fellas: if you want to get dirty…you better get to cleaning.