Parlor operator gambling on the future of Houston game rooms

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Parlor operator gambling on the future of Houston game rooms

HOUSTON, TX – The game is on for Houston area game room owners.

A boatload of new rules went into effect in May limiting everything from the hours gaming parlors can operate in Harris County to the signs and window coverings the business can put up. Apparently one Houston game room operator believes rules are for breaking — and he’s doubling down with a lawsuit against the county saying the new regulations unconstitutionally affect his ability to earn a living. Fabian Elizondo claims that the “vagueness” of the regulations make them too difficult for game room operators to follow – essentially setting owners up for failure – and he wants them thrown out. And he’s not the only one. Another game room operator who didn’t want to be identified says his business is being unfairly targeted by lawmakers.

“It has definitely affected business. It’s hindered our income in a great magnitude. And I think the big complaint about it is that we’re getting these big rules that places like bars and strip clubs around Houston will never get.”

The county is going all in on this one, saying these types of businesses attract criminals they don’t want in Harris County. “Be like Dave and Buster’s and let everybody have a good time,” Senior Assistant County Attorney Fred Keys sais outside the Federal Courthouse Monday, “and don’t rip off people in your game rooms.”

Anyone want to place a bet on who’s going to win, place or show on this one?