Single mom wins $66 million jackpot of Friday the 13th

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Single mom wins $66 million jackpot of Friday the 13th

STERLING HEIGHTS, MI – Who says good things can’t happen on Friday the 13th?

Back on Friday, June 13th, Kelsey Zachow was just another Michigander struggling to achieve the American dream.

Times were tough.

She was working two jobs to support her family, and her boyfriend had been unemployed for a year.

So she bought a Mega Millions ticket, and tucked it into her purse, forgetting about it for 10 days.

When it finally dawned on her to check it, she was told, “You won big!”

“I was crying, hyperventilating. I mean, we were jumping up and down,” said Zachow.

She hit the jackpot: $66 million!

Zachow took the lump sum option, so after taxes she’ll be bringin’ home nearly $27 million.

“I’ll probably buy a new house, new cars, go on some vacations, probably a shopping spree or two.”

Zachow says she’s always wanted an electric blue Ford Mustang.

Now she can ride off into the sunset, leaving her two jobs and all her troubles in the dust!