You choice in pets may determine your politics

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You choice in pets may determine your politics

HOUSTON- Are you a dog person or a cat person?

The American Veterinary Medical Association “doggedly” researched the number of dogs and cats per household in the U.S and the results were cataloged by state.  When it comes to “Fido” or “Fluffy”- Texas leans toward Fido (Republican) with 7.2 million dogs compared to 5.6 million cats.

California is more of a cat house (Democrat) with 7.1 million felines versus 6.7 million canines.Is it just a coincidence that Texas is a red state and California a blue one?  Maybe not. In Arkansas there’s 1.35 dogs for every cat. In Massachusetts it’s 1.87 cats for every dog.  Arkansas was a red state in the last election, Massachusetts a blue.

Then there’s Florida.  The “Hanging Chad State” has pretty much the same amount of cats as it does dogs, making it a toss-up- just like during an election.