Checking up on past Potholes around Houston

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Checking up on past Potholes around Houston

HOUSTON, TX –  This week (August 6), we’re checking in on the many potholes in Houston that we’ve been airing over the past few weeks.

Our latest pothole, right in the middle of the street-at 3131 Hollowcreek in Southwest Houston hasn’t been patched yet. Hopefully this one will get patched soon.


Now over to the pothole on Eldridge parkway by Westheimer.

Well, this four-month old pothole’s been patched. Hopefully, traffic will now  move a little better on Eldridge during rush hour.


How about the tire shredder on Bissonnett near South Gessner? So this makes little sense to us, but for some reason the city  patched one of the potholes, and left the worse of the two. the leftover pothole is a disaster, and it would be nice to see this one patched as well.


The pothole on Hillcroft by Harwin hit close to home for us at NewsFix, since it’s right down the street. This pothole was terrible. Notice how we said was terrible? That’s right. We’re able to say that because it’s been patched, and has a new sidewalk to boot.


Do you remember this pothole on Almeda by South Loop? We’re happy to report that this massive crater has been patched! Man, this thing was deep. Even the biggest of trucks felt the pain on this one, but not anymore, thanks to a massive patch job.


The pothole on Mosley road, by Airport Boulevard is still rocking and rolling, and we don’t envy travelers having to use this road. There’s absolutely no missing this one, so watch out.


Our little inspection turned up with three potholes patched and  three potholes not patched. Fifty-fifty is not too bad.

We’ll keep blowing the cover off these potholes, so check back next week because it just might be the one that’s driving you nuts!

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