Dad arrested after leaving baby son at scene of car accident

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Dad arrested after leaving baby son on scene of car accident

CONROE, TEXAS- Our latest “Bad Dad” award goes to 29-year-old James Hammons Jr.

Police say back on July 20th he was drinking and driving in North Montgomery County when he flipped his car.

Thing is is his infant son was in the car, too,  and investigators say the baby was ejected about twenty feet.

It gets worse. Not only did dad flee the scene,  he left his baby face down, bleeding on the road!!! Sickening.

Neighbors nearby thought it was a baby doll in the road, until they turned it over and saw it blinking… almost impossible to wrap your mind around, isn’t it?

The poor little guy was taken to Memorial Hermann. luckily, he’s okay. He’s been released and handed over to foster care.

As for “Bad Dad” Hammons, it’s pretty hard to babysit when you’re rocking a shiny new pair of silver bracelets.

He’s hanging out in Polk County Jail, charged with child abandonment, driving while intoxicated and felony failure to stop and render aid.

Sounds like he’s the one who has a lot of growing up to do.

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