Female superhero movie coming your way

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Female Superhero Movie is Coming Your Way

HOLLYWOOD, CA –  It’s been nine years since Jennifer Garner starred in Elektra, and ten years since Halle Berry starred in Cat Woman.

Well, it finally looks like a super heroine will grace the big screen once again!

After months of fan lobbying for a superhero film starring a woman, one is finally on the way.

According to Deadline, Sony has hired Lisa Joy, who has worked on TV shows Burn Notice and Pushing Daisies, to write a female-centered story for the Spider-Man Universe.

The studio hasn’t announced which character will get her own movie, but Spider-Woman, Black Cat and Silver Sable are all in contention.

The female super-hero flick will most likeley come out in 2017.

Sony`s announcement comes just a few days after Marvel Studios tried to explain why they had not yet made a female-centered superhero film. Marvel basically says it comes down to timing.

Timing is everything and Sony has beaten Marvel to the punch. Sony is hoping a little girl power will be powerful at the box office.

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