Houston City Council votes to let Uber and Lyft ride on

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Houston City Council votes to let Uber and Lyft ride on

HOUSTON, TX – After all the controversy over regulations for upstart ride-sharing services Lyft and Uber, the city council voted to allow Lyft and Uber to legally operate in Houston.

This means people like Dustin Vinas, who drives for Lyft, can continue making a living legally under the new vehicles-for-hire ordinance.

Dustin says he’s, “Very happy, I think they made the right decision…I know the cab companies don`t like it, but they`re going to have to get used to it.”

Not everyone is thrilled about Lyft and Uber’s new right to roll.

Chuck Peto, who drives for yellow cab, explains, “I don`t really have a problem with competition.  The things I’ve got problems with is if the competition doesn`t want to play on an even field.”

Now some of that is being addressed in the new ordinance which had more than 20 amendments proposed. Some of those include handicap accessibility, insurance requirements, and a prohibition on drivers with Lyft or Uber handing out personal information, like business cards, to their passengers.

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