Russian hackers steal more than a billion passwords

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Russian hackers steal more than a billion passwords

HOUSTON, TX –  Another day, another cyber “hack-attack” but listen up, this heist is humongous.

A Russian cyber-crime ring has stolen more than 1.2 billion user names and passwords. That’s billion with a “B.”  The ring also ripped off 500 million email addresses.  “On the internet, I don’t think anybody’s safe. I think they can get any information they want” says Houstonian Kathy Carpenter.

The group named CyberVor, which is Russian for cyber thief, also penetrated 420 thousand websites. But other Houstonians aren’t concerned. “I’m not terribly scared but if there’s more found out that I need to worry about, then I guess I could change my passwords- if needed.”

If you’re wondering how long it takes to steal 1 billion usernames, passwords and 500 million e-mail addresses, then the answer is several years.  “Passwords and hacking, it’s just a fact of… you know if you’re going to be on the internet there’s going to be some inherent dangers and some risks you have to take” says Tony Nowobieski.

Wisconsin-based Hold Security uncovered the massive breach.  They haven’t revealed the list of compromised websites but hinted it includes some very familiar companies.  So, it looks like it’s time to change all your passwords again.


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