‘Selfie’, ‘Frenemy’ among new words added to Scrabble

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‘Selfie’, ‘Frenemy’ Among New Words Added to Scrabble

HOUSTON, TX – Scrabble dictionary has added 5000 new words, the first big update in nearly a decade.

The day has come when Scrabble players everywhere can now lay down tiles spelling Selfie, Bromance, Hashtag!

Those words, among more than 5-thousand others, are included in the Fifth edition of the official Scrabble Player`s Dictionary, put out by Merriam-Webster.

The announcement, marking the Scrabble bible`s first big update in nearly a decade, comes just days before 500 of the world`s most eminent Scrabblers go head-to-head at the National Championships in Buffalo, New York on August 9th.

The new words won`t be sanctioned for official use in club and tournament play until December first.

The new dictionaries will be on sale this week, with updated apps available later this month.

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