Fifty percent of Americans have gone to work hungover

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NEW YORK, New York - Having a rough day at the office?  You're not alone.  It looks like 50% of Americans have gone to work hungover, at least once.  50%!?  And the rest?  Well, folks, someone has got to keep the shop open.

Blowfish, a company that makes tablets for treating hangovers, interviewed more than 5,000 adults over the age of 21.  It seems women are a little bit more prone to partying than men, but the difference does not affect the big numbers.

More often than not, happy hours start pretty happy and end with a "What am I doing in this bedroom?" or "Shoot, I'm late for a very important date."  There's even a map that shows the percentage of people who have skipped work because of hangovers.  Twenty percent of Texans have taken a day off to avoid having to explain the sunglasses and aspirin.  Michigan and West Virginia top the list with 27.5%.

In conclusion, hangovers and productivity at work don't mix.  That's a no-brainer, but to be fair, the same goes for a memorable night and a cup of tea.

Editor’s Note: This is part of our Best of 2014 series.

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